02 November 2008

Palin Prank Call: Canadian Comedy Duo Convinces Palin She's Talking To Sarkozy (AUDIO)

LOL! It blew my mind that she believed the whole thing so easily. Those guys did not even try that hard. You can tell she got all giddy and nervous from getting a call from the top French dude because she had this silly laughter like a pre-pubescent girl who is totally flattered. For a moment she sounded like she was about to... climax?.

When the NYT did their first report on her, it became obvious that she run Wasilla and then Alaska as though she were in charge of her high school's student government. Unfortunately, she acts the same way now that she is presumably close to being VP of the United States.

That neither she nor her staff realized there was something wrong with the call is amazing. Heads of government don't call each other without scheduling the phone call ahead of time (it is no as if they are all waiting for their beer buddies to call). They will only called unannounced if there is a major emergency, and even then there is always a protocol to be followed, of which the governatrix and her staff seem to be unaware. Real scary.

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14 October 2008

Rachel Maddow Battles David Frum's False Equivalencies, Calls Palin A 'Liar'

By making a lame attempt to put on the same level Rachel Maddow's humorous delivery of her commentary to the recent depraved innuendos and utterances of the McCain-Palin campaign that brought about some rather depraved reactions and comments from their crowds, DavidFrum, allegedly one of the great "intellectuals" of the right, showed he just has a more sophisticated way of expressing the vile and tergiversations of the more recalcitrant elements of the right.

He also showed that old conservative men like him still do have a problem with smart, tough women like Maddow. Maybe she does not fit some stereotype of the "bitter" liberal feminist.

Frum tried to spin and put down Maddow, who would not have any of his nonsense and put him in his place. I am surprised she did not call him on his condescension towards voters when he said the financial crisis was causing people to blindly sign on a big government project.

Nonetheless, Maddow showed the smartness and composure that have put so much shine on her ascending career. Bravo for her.

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03 October 2008

Palin and Dr. Evil

One can only assume that moderate, thinking conservatives will eventually come around to the fact that a pretty face remains attractive only so long. Eventually it needs to be accompanied by content.

Palin was clenching her teeth many times during her debate with Biden, but she disguised it well as a smile.

As I watched, I kept having an uncomfortable feeling I did not quite understand. It went away when my wife wistfully noted that Palin reminded her of Dr. Evil's fembots.

VP Debate: Biden-Palin Video, Highlights

This is one of many (infinite?) possibilities for the next spoof by Tina Fey:

-Moderator: Governor Palin, if elected, how will you contribute to rebuilding the economy?

-Palin/Fey: If I am so blessed to serve this exceptional country that we live in, I will be so lucky to be with John McCain the Maverick.

-Moderator: How will the McCain Administration address environmental change?

-Palin/Fey: We don't know know how much is man made. The important thing is John McCain is a Maverick.

-Moderator: Your closing statement please.

-Palin/Fey: We are patriots because we love our country because it is exceptional because Joe Six-Pack loves Mavericks. John McCain is a Maverick, I am a pageant Maverick, we will build a country of Mavericks because we are patriots because we love this country precisely and exactly because, as I told ya before, we are mavericks.

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29 September 2008

GOP Blames "Partisan" Pelosi Speech For Sinking Bailout Package

Nobody is more partisan and parochial than the Republicans. After all, Bush has not been taken to task for all his lies to the whole nation and the world and for a war built upon a bunch of lies. And Bill Clinton almost got impeached for lying to his wife about using a non-copper, tobacco IUD.

Now, if the GOP members of congress do not have stomach for a little criticism of the Bush Administration, then they should not be in politics at all.

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28 September 2008

Why So Many Pundits Wrongly Scored the Debate 'Even'

Pundits are spin masters disguised as analysts. They worry about their ratings and all that entails. Thus, unless they are absolutely certain one candidate trounced the other, they will play it safe and make any debate look like a tie, with perhaps a slight edge to one candidate. That is is their claim to objectivity. But that is also why pundits are so good at explaining what has already happened and why they seldom give us insight about likely outcomes.

If before the debate the polls had indicated that Obama was up in the polls by 10 points, they probably would have said he clearly won the debate.
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20 September 2008

Bin Laden, Putin, Ahmadinejad, and Plenty Others Get to Sleep Like Happy Babies

World map, published around the time of McCain's birth. Source: Wikipedia.

In the midst of a near world-wide financial melt-down, Osama Bin Laden, Putin, Kim Jong-il and many others got some good sleep, courtesy of McPain Callin'. In the meantime, we finally got to understand what the Bush Administration and the GOP have meant all these years when they said they wanted to remake the world's geography.

During an interview in Miami, McPain was asked whether he would meet Spain's Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. From the interview, it was obvious that Ms. Palin's sidekick was clueless about which world leader he was being asked. He also seemed to have no idea about where Spain is located, but we cannot take him to task for that. After all, it has been a couple of centuries since the Mediterranean nation was the most powerful country in the western world. One must also consider the possibility that his gaffe was a Freudian slip, part of a secret Republican desire to put all the pesky Spanish speaking peoples of the world in one place.

Further to his credit, McCain thinks Spain is part of a Mexican city (Mérida), the capital of the state of Yucatán. At least he did not say that Spain was part of the Venezuelan State of Mérida. That would have been absolutely egregious, considering the highly publicized skirmish between King Don Juan Carlos and Hugo Chávez a few months ago during the Ibero-American summit. Who could forget those famously brief words: «¿Por qué no te callas?»

McPain clearly demonstrated he knows which world leaders are friends and foes of the United States. In the process, he also gave ample evidence as to why he and the moose shooter should be entrusted to police the world. While he wants to put, undoubtedly for safe and sound management purposes, all the Spanish speakers of the world South of the Río Bravo, Ms. Palin lays high claims to understanding Russia because she can see a chunk of ice across the the Bering Strait.

The good thing for McPain is that his display of cosmopolitanism occurred the same week the U.S. financial system was melting down and threatening to take down the rest of the world with it. But if Putin, bin Laden, Kim Jong-il and others noticed, they must have had a chuckle and plenty of good sleep. For bin Laden, there must be great comfort knowing that if McCain cannot locate Spain on a map, there is no way in hell he can find Al-Qaeda's leader in cave (i.e., assuming McCain knows where Pakistan is). Putin must feel confident that if Ms. Palin delivers on her word of being willing to go to war with Russia, she will probably bomb any big chunk of Arctic ice that does not belong to Alaska. Putin now knows that even if Palin got to learn she bombed a place with no Russians, she would be gleeful about having one less enemy, for she no longer would have to sue to take the polar bear out the endangered species list.

In view of the foregoing plenty of other things that could fill volumes, it is ironic that the GOP still has the gull to talk about foreign governments having wackos in charge. Ahmadinejad may be a religious nut job trying to get a nuclear weapon, but he must secretly relish the idea of Palin being one heartbeat away from the U.S. presidency. For then a fellow religious fanatic, albeit a Christian one, will have command over the world's most awesome and destructive nuclear arsenal. Should that come to pass, let us hope that by then Ms. Palin will at least have learned how to pronounce nuclear.